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Fondy Food Pantry Volunteer Application

(Background check required) 

Volunteers must be 18 years or older to volunteer.
Exceptions include approved student learning or community service students, and children volunteering with a parent.

Fill out the form below or CLICK HERE to download PDF and mail in your responses.

Contact Information & Current Address
Enter NA if you do not have one.
Enter SAME if it has not changed.
Phone Number (Required)
ext Extension
Alternate Phone
ext Extension
Have you resided outside of Wisconsin in the last 5 years?
Emergency Contact
Contact Phone (Required)
ext Extension
Volunteer Opportunities

Check all areas that you have an interest in. Your volunteer days/times for each area can vary each month. 

FFP Walk-In Pantry
Hours: Mon 3:30-5:30pm; Tue 11am-1pm; Thu 3:30-5:30pm; Fri 3:30-5:30pm; 3rd Sat 10am-12pm

Sort food, check food dates, stock shelves, pack food boxes, transport packed food boxes to storage shelves.
Mon 9:30-11am; Thu 11:30am-1pm

Sort food, check food dates, crate food, set up tables for bagging, bag food, and deliver food to schools.
Wed 1-3pm; Thu 9-11am (School Year Only)

Answer phone, direct calls, check names, data entry, printing, shredding, thank you notes, etc. (basic computer skills required)
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (2 or 4 hour shifts available)

Delivery to schools for Food for Thought program, food drive pickups, general errands, etc. Must have valid driver’s license, vehicle, proof of insurance.
May set up regular hours or be on call for Food for Thought or Fondy Food Pantry needs.

Does food intake for food deliveries, and moves food to appropriate areas in the pantry. Monitors storage areas for accordance with regulatory requirements.

Can be called for various volunteer opportunities that come up (picking up food from food drives, sorting food items from larger food drives, assisting with fundraising events, etc.)


Prior Work Experience
Interests and skills you have and would like to share.
Do you have any physical disabilities or conditions preventing you from performing certain types of activities?
Have you ever been convicted of a crime?
Are you on or probation?
Are there any circumstances involving your background that would call into question your ability to volunteer in any way, including your driving record?
Do you speak and/or read Spanish?
Volunteer Agreement

As a Fondy Food Pantry Volunteer I agree to:

  • Display a positive attitude 
  • Work cooperatively with other volunteers 
  • Be dependable
Media Permission
I give permission to use my name and/or photo alone or in groups in any advertising media (newspaper, website, Facebook, brochures, TV, etc.)
Confidentiality Agreement

I, the undersigned volunteer, do hereby declare that I will hold confidential all verbal, written, and/or electronic communications, observations and information made by and between or about clients including families/students. All information provided in this volunteer application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that misrepresentations and omissions may be cause for rejection or may be cause for subsequent dismissal as a volunteer. I also understand that failure to comply with the Volunteer Agreement or the Confidentiality Agreement may be cause for dismissal.

Entering your name will qualify as your signature for this application form.



If you prefer to download this application and mail-in your responses, CLICK HERE.




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