Mission & History

Our Mission

Provide supplemental healthy food options and education for families in need in Fond du Lac County.

This is accomplished through the support of our donors, education of the public, the continued dedication of our volunteers, and our commitment to our core responsibility of collecting, storing, and distributing resources through a network of partners.

We build on local partnerships and continue to establish new ones. Fondy Food Pantry remains as strong a local force in fighting hunger as is the giving spirit of this community.

More Information is available by calling (920) 322-0369.



Our Beginnings: Church of Our Saviour (1973-2008)

For nearly 40 years, Fondy Food Pantry operated out of a small workspace located in the lower level of Church of our Saviour, located on the corner of Ninth and Main streets in Fond du Lac. After torrential rain storms devastated the community in June 2008, the Pantry was forced to close after flooding twice in one week. All food supply was lost, as were two commercial refrigerators and two freezers.

Seeking Temporary Shelter (2008)

Determined to resurrect the Pantry and continue providing a vital service to the community, members of the congregation and pantry volunteers teamed with the St. Vincent De Paul Society to seek a new location. Through their hard work and the generosity of Holy Family Parish, a temporary space was created at St. Joseph Catholic Church.

Within a few weeks of the flooding, a fully restocked Fondy Food Pantry was up and running while efforts continued to search for a permanent space.

Making the Move: St. Paul’s Cathedral (2008 – 2018)

In November 2008, the working committee responded to the invitation for Fondy Food Pantry to continue its work within the campus of the St. Paul’s Cathedral, 51 W. Division St. Through the consistent hard work of our dedicated volunteers and local service organizations the organization was once again able to assist those in need in the Fond du Lac and the surrounding communities. Many of the initiatives established during this phase of Fondy Food Pantry’s development, such as the Food for Thought program, came into being.

Finding a Forever Home: Fondy Food Pantry at Rolling Meadows Drive (2018-)

While the Fondy Food Pantry was originally set up as an emergency food program, the board of directors was working hard toward expansion. With goals including increasing direct outreach to children, reaching more families, and expanding collaborations with area businesses, churches, and community organizations, the FFP board was excited to take the challenge of a new facility head on.

In October 2016 board members and other volunteers began documenting best practices from pantries around the state to help create a vision for the new Fondy Food Pantry.

Soon discussions and negotiations between St. Vincent de Paul, the City of Fond du Lac, and Fondy Food Pantry Board began. An agreement was reached where the Pantry would be the recipient of Community Development Block Grants to renovate the former St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store for use as the new pantry facility.

Renovation of the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift store started in late December 2017. Reconstruction of the interior, new roofing and a multitude of upgrades took place. Hundreds of gallons of paint, stain and varnish and thousands of volunteer hours went into making this new vision come to life. With fanfare, the Fondy Food Pantry began offering services as a walk-in choice Pantry in July 2018.

Commitment to these beliefs drives everything we do to help out entire community live in food secure households.


We believe everyone brings something to the table and is worthy of our very best. This is why we work to ensure all, especially our guests and volunteers, are heard, listened to, and treated to the best of our ability.

A healthier way

Not only do our daily efforts strive to break the cycle of food insecurity, we are dedicated to providing nutritional options and educational guidance. Healthy is a way of living.

Compassion for Children

Strong bodies, strong minds, and positive growth for all kids in our community will always be a priority.

Not afraid to work hard

Wake up with determination and go to sleep with satisfaction. This work isn’t always easy, but our volunteers make it happen!

Community Mindset

We believe in fighting for the greater good and will always advocate for collaboration and creating a community that takes care of one another.


573 W. Rolling Meadows Drive
PO Box 492
Fond du Lac, WI 54936-0492


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